Music: Kanye and Paul McCartney, Only One
Open on boarded up and dilapidated architecture, somewhere in the middle of nowhere. The clouds are angry, threatening to ruin the day at any second. With a storm on the horizon, we cut to a young Jamaal Charles, carelessly wandering by some train tracks.
He trips over something. Turning around, he sees a beautiful football under some mud. It’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen and it’s gotta be worth some serious money. But Jamaal doesn’t pick it up right away.
Closing his eyes, we cut to extremely blurred, abstract white-light footage with screaming crowds. You can tell he dreams of this, but when he opens his eyes, something’s still off.
He’s not ready yet.
He reaches for the football, hesitates, and decides to bury it in the mud, carefully placing a face- down road sign over the ball to mark its spot.
Cut to Jamaal walking into Boost. Quick flash of a sparkle in his eye as he meets a former Chief in the waiting room.
Cut to a montage of work, starting simple, then getting advanced. Cut to “Ten years later.”
Jamaal, full-grown man this time, walking down those same tracks. He finds his road sign under sticks, leaves and dirt. He tosses it aside and unearths the football.
Cut to wide shot of Jamaal walking off into the sunset, carrying the football like a child. He tosses it into the air and closes his eyes. We cut to more vivid white-light footage this time, and we hear a distant announcer saying his name as he scores a touchdown.
Cut back to where the ball was buried.
Pan slowly to reveal the sign, which reads “Caution: work ahead.”

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