Erik Palmer Brown
concept | video
By showing a day in his life, we all get to see how hard he works and the true role Boost plays in this dedicated lifestyle. He’s both high school student and professional athlete. Such a dynamic is prodigal and rare, so his case can serve as a litmus test for us all to see just how limitless a human can be when they combine talent with the most advanced development available at Boost.
To execute this concept, we simply let the story tell itself and follow a day in his life. This ~3-5 minute film won’t be unlike the “30 for 30 Shorts” series.
Open on a super that says, “Do you remember where you were in 1995? Erik Palmer Brown wasn’t even born yet.”
Then cut to highlights of his career so far. Show accolades in newspapers and clips of play-by- play personalities talking about his ridiculously ahead-of-his-time talents.
Cut to him calmly walking down the hall in high school. He’s saying hi to his friends, he’s completely relaxed, being a kid. The goal is to show the crazy contrast between his reality, and our perception. He’s calm, working hard, keeping his eye on the ball.
And we’re out here losing out shit.
Cut to similar scenes of him saying hey to people at Boost, show flash highlights of different advances soccer drills he does; ball skills, footwork, etc; Show Boost Soccer logo.
In the middle of a sprint, cut to him sprinting at practice, showing how this work directly translates to more work, better work, and eventually on the field.
End the video as he’s about to run onto the field. Golden hour shot. Crowd is loud. Little bit of pregame jitters. Name is called. Fade to black.
Do the work.

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